Turning 30=30 Acts of Kindness

After spending a few days thinking about “gasp” my 30th birthday and “gulp” how old I have become, I started to think about what I’ve contributed to the world over the past three decades.  Although, I’ve been a fairly good citizen, friend and mommy, my dreams of grand human rights contributions and acts of kindness are semi-unfulfilled.  

So, after hours of searching and brainstorming a great way to celebrate 30 years of life on Nov. 2, I have decided to start giving back today.  This is where I begin my annual adventure with the Birthday Project.  The Birthday Project aims to create a shift in the way people from all walks of life think about and celebrate their birthday.  

If you have a birthday in store or just want to make a difference, consider starting this journey with me.  Pay it forward today, because every little bit helps.  Without further adieu, here are 7 of the 30 acts of kindness I plan to initiate over the next week:


  • Buy someone’s coffee for them in line at Starbuck’s (the person behind me in the drive-thru).
  • Write “thank you” notes to the wonderful aftercare workers at my daughter’s school who give much and receive little praise.
  • Tape change to the vending machine at the local ER.
  • Help someone unload their groceries in the parking lot at the grocery store.
  • Buy a meal for a homeless person.
  • Participate in a No Complaint Day
  • Let my oldest stay up extra late and pick out 10 books she wants me to read to her.



Okay, ready, set, go! It starts today folks and I’ll keep everyone updated on my progress each week.  


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