Packing for your MSC Seaside adventure

What to pack? We set sail on January 6, 2018 and made a few mistakes when we packed. Here’s what to remember before you embark on your MSC Seaside adventure.


Pack to help maximize the space of your room.

I know most rooms on ships are known for being smaller and space restricted, especially in places like the bathroom and shower.  The Seaside, although new and beautiful, is no exception. Plan and pack to make this small space more manageable. Don’t forget:

  • Over the door hanging organizer
  • Easy post hooks to hang bags and wet swimsuits. Our Aurea balcony only had one hook and it was on the back of the bathroom door.
  • Extra hangers, as there were only about 7 in our room.
  • Don’t bring your blow dryer, as they supply one and it will just take up more space. However, it took me four days to figure out where it was.  I found our blowdryer, in the angle drawer below the main mirror in our room.  It is easy to miss, so pay attention.


Be ready with reserves when it comes to powering your electronics.

In our room, there were only two outlets for powering U.S. electronics.  I recommend bringing a powerstrip or an international converter/adaptor if you need to charge more than two devices at a time. Many times during our cruise, I wished that I had packed my international charger/converter, especially when I tried to charge my devices in places like the coffee shop, where everything is European focused.  

Get cash before you cruise.

It’s likely a given, but don’t forget to get cash out before you cruise. There are no ATMs on board the Seaside.  Guest services will give you a cash advance if needed, but they will also charge you 5% for it.  Take care of getting any cash you need before you reach the port.

It might seem weird, but pack post-its, pen, and tape.

I can’t count the number of times I needed to write a note, fill out a form or luggage tag, and I did not have access to a pen. Due to the size of the ship and mobile devices also being turned off for text and data, it can be difficult to communicate and I found myself leaving notes the good old fashioned way for my husband (written with an eyeliner pencil).

Tape works for posting the notes, but I also used it to reseal our tags on our suitcases when we arrived at the port.


If you care for your hair, bring conditioner.

For some people not using conditioner for a whole week or more is no big deal.  For others, it means everything (a bad hair day ruins everything).  MSC provides shampoo and shower gel, but they do not provide conditioner, so don’t forget to pack it.  

On the positive side, what they do provide smells great.  I enjoyed using the products they provided.


Getting over the counter medicine and other toiletries.

If you forgot to pack something rather it be Tylenol or hairspray, there is a VERY small area inside of the liquor/alcohol shopping area that sells a subset of these types of items.  It is very small and limited, especially in comparisons to other ships.  So, do your best to remember everything you need beforehand.


Attire for various themed nights.

It wasn’t always clear, but on the MSC Seaside cruise we were on, there was a white party, a 70’s night and a Great Gatsby night. It could be fun, if you are interested in attending these types of dress-up opportunities and galas.  So be ready for anything! 


Cards, games and fun things to do.

There’s a fairly decent area where you can check out games on the Seaside, but only for two hours at a time. You will find a wide array of internationally focused games. Honestly, some of the game titles we had never heard of before.  If you do not return a game within a designated period of time, they will charge you a $50 fine.  

Playing cards Skip-Bo MSC Seaside

We love to play cards in our house and the one thing we did not pack was a normal deck of playing cards.  If you play cards, it may be easier to pack your own deck and you’ll be ready for anything.

Happy Packing!








One thought on “Packing for your MSC Seaside adventure”

  1. We bring magnetic hooks, clips and a roll up whiteboard (with pens and eraser). It saves on surface and storage space. Hooks are great for lanyards, hats, and that wet bathing suit. On the whiteboard we write our schedule for today and tomorrow, dining time, show times and excursions. Clips are great for tickets, vouchers and all those pesky daily announcements the cruise lines like to leave. Happy cruising!


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