Celise and (Her Family)

Sometimes with the family, sometimes for a business trip, Celise loves to travel and blogs about it for fun. Mostly because it gives her a chance to write about what inspires her the most- visiting new places and having unique experiences. She also works full-time for a global company managing communications and public relations.


Celise Vaughn grew up in a military family moving from city to city (or base to base) from babyhood to teenhood. Staying tied to a single city or location seemed impossible until she married Robert Vaughn and became mom to Kylah (now 9-years-old) and Mya (now 6-years-old).

Photo from our wedding at Couples Negril.


Along the way, the Vaughn family still hasn’t been able to outrun the travel bug.  Between moving across the country several times for new jobs and trying to experience all the world has to offer on vacations, trips and exploration, moving and traveling keeps things interesting.


Together, they’ve hit the road too many times to count, but why count if you are having fun? In 2015, the Vaughns settled in Charlotte, but the travel and experiences continue!